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Ep. 82: Did Indigenous women help wage a ‘witch hunt’ of Wab Kinew?

MEDIA INDIGENA : Weekly Indigenous current affairs program

Has there been a media “witch-hunt” of Wab Kinew? A high-profile supporter has sounded a resounding ‘yes.’ But does the critique imply some Indigenous women are part of the pile-on? Multiple choice, singularly stupid: A BC parent is outraged after her 14-year old is assigned a test asking students to select the correct slur for an Aboriginal woman. Fashion fabrication: Yet another non-Indigenous designer stands accused of inappropriate appropriation. We’ll hear how Versace vexes the critics and share an example of how to design right.

Returning to the roundtable are Kim TallBear, associate professor of Native Studies at the University of Alberta, and Lakota activist and communications professional, Taté Walker. // Our theme is ‘nesting’ by birocratic.