Ep. 112: Settler Sexuality's Slippery Slope

MEDIA INDIGENA : Weekly Indigenous current affairs program

On this week’s roundtable: Settler Sexuality. A subject at the heart of two recent talks by our own Kim Tallbear (one at the sex-positive communities event ConvergeCon, the other at SoloPolyCon), we thought we’d use it as an opportunity to take a longer look at an often troubling and taboo topic. In particular, we discuss the insights of her keynote “Yes, Your Pleasure! Yes, Self-love! And Don’t Forget, Settler Sex Is A Structure” at the 2nd Annual Solo Polyamory Conference in Seattle, Washington.

An associate professor of Native Studies at the University of Alberta, Kim discussed her work at the MEDIA INDIGENA roundtable with host Rick Harp and Candis Callison, associate professor at UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism.

// Our theme is ‘nesting’ by birocratic.