Strategic Priorities of the “Indigenous Science, Technology, and Society: Toward Sovereign Bodies & Sustainable Relations” Symposium

Edmonton, AB

June 8 – 9 , 2018

How do we build the field of Indigenous STS?
  • We must strive to be in good relations at all stages of research by creating healthy environments and enacting values of consent and deep reciprocity.

  • We must create dynamic, accessible spaces/places that enable relationship building, networking and connecting within our field.

  • We must produce knowledge and academic outputs that create the space to acknowledge expertise and collaboration on our own terms.

  • We need a systematic approach to mentorship that cares for, supports and fosters a network of ISTS scholars.

  • The field of ISTS must find ways to grow the field and ensure equitable relations are enacted when distributing labour, capital, partnership and care.

* This report reflects the outcome of conversations that were had during the community forum held on the final day of the   Indigenous Science, Technology, and Society symposium hosted at the University of Alberta. Those in attendance generously offered their insights and visions for the future of the Indigenous STS network. The report is not, however, reflective of all views regarding Indigenous STS, but rather, it should be read as a living document that will shift as our work and the priorities of Indigenous peoples do. We would like to thank Matt Wildcat for facilitating the community forum from which these strategic priorities were generated. The symposium was a first step in the process of supporting the growth of Indigenous STS in academia and beyond. We look forward to the next one.