Environmentalism Outside the Box: An Ecosex Symposium

///Environmentalism Outside the Box: An Ecosex Symposium
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Thursday, May 18

At UCSC in DARC #108 (Digital Arts Research Center)

11-12:30 Keynote: Kim TallBear
“Decolonizing Settler Sexuality.”
 (Professor of Native Studies,University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA)Respondent: Melissa K. Nelson
(Professor, America Indian Studies, San Francisco State University)


2-4 Panel & Discussion
Unsettling Our Earthly Pleasures.” Organized by July Cole, with Lehua Taitano, Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, Natalie Taber and Sarick Matzen. Discussant: Kim TallBear


Friday, May 19

At UCSC in DARC #108 (Digital Arts Research Center)


Emceed by the fabulous Qosmos from Los Angeles

“Hermit” by Tessa Wills, performance artist and producer from San Francisco

“Kookaburra Ritual” by Betty Grumble, performance artist from Australia

“Critical Polyamorist 100” readings by Kim Tallbear, scholar from Edmington Canada

“Ecosexy Shakespeare” by Luke Dixon, beekeeper and theater director working in London

“Holly Scene” by Chris Cuomo, eco-feminist scholar from Athens, Georgia

“Water Tassel Burlesque” by Lady Monster, arts producer from San Francisco


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